Shan Mao Feng


Shan Mao Feng green tea from Seven Cups, at Exo.

10 thoughts on “Shan Mao Feng

      1. I usually drink nice tea when I’m out and about; either at Exo pictured above, or at another local place called Cartel. Both of these coffee shops source from a local tea company called Seven Cups: — you can order from them online, and they are WordPress-powered as well. 😉


      2. Another option would be an Asian market, if you have one near you. The various ones here often stock all kinds of different teas, though it’s usually sold in bulk, and not as high quality as something like Seven Cups.


  1. Oh, Seven Cups looks nice! And yes, I live within 5 miles of about 10 Asian markets, so that’s not an issue. But the quality has always been suspect to me, mostly because I judge them based on the cleanliness and organization of their merchandise and shelving. 🙂 Unfair, I know, but I’ve occasionally found some sad-looking wares covered in a fine layer of dust.

    I’ll try Seven Cups. Thanks for the recommendation!


  2. I am enjoying a tour of this site. Your footprint is large and well done!

    Thank you for the swell presentation in our class this week. I got several good points.



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