On WordPress.com 15 Years Yet Now With More Tumblr

Fifteen years with the lance user on WordPress.com.

This milestone caught me by surprise. As early user on WordPress.com (username ID between 600 and 700) I blogged here a bit in early days but not too consistently. My tech-focused blog ran on self-hosted WordPress1 until 2011, and I didn’t pick up a regular personal blogging habit on this lance.blog iteration until late 2014.

Another interesting fact, the lance username is tied to my Automattic work account. This blog is powered by lancewillett (registered later).

That’s all the tech trivia I’ve got for today. However, I’d love to see what y’all are blogging these days. Share your existing blog links in a comment.

New to blogging? An invitation: Try out a WordPress.com blog and sign up for Tumblr; you can connect them to share across automatically on both platforms. Both have great mobile apps, too. Then, use ’em and send feedback and notes. What do you like best? What needs work?

Happy blogging!

[1] See this primer on self-hosted WordPress versus WordPress.com.

4 thoughts on “On WordPress.com 15 Years Yet Now With More Tumblr

  1. Hey Lance I enjoyed your blog. I actually do have an Tumblr acct; the thing is I am not as tech savvy as I pretend to be. I am going to continue to read your blog. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. I think that due to the pandemic and people are starting to find new ways to reinvent themselves, as I am trying to do. Could you read my blog and send me some feedback on the pros and cons of it. Things that are good and those that need improvement. Thanks

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